25 April 2017

A trip to city basement books yesterday and I came home with this book amongst a couple of others. Have not visited the store since it moved location and was pleasantly surprised by the huge range, in particular  the antartica section which I discovered to be a treasure trove. Easily the largest range of books specializing on the subject that I have ever come across in person. Numerous old rare books by various explorers, including Sir Douglas Mawson and Roald Amundsen made it dfficult for me to choose. I came away with Fourteen Men at Heard Island and The Great WHite South - the latter clothed in a beautiful but heavily damaged dust jacket, nothing that I couldn't repair though with a little care. Armed with the acid free glue , paper and watercolors, the book looks well cared for and presentable now. Should be a good read over a cuppa. Alas, Chocolate cake will have to wait for the next celebration. 

3 April 2017

Early this morning I noticed the hot steam evaporating off the washcloth over the kitchen sink and realized the days are getting cooler as winter approaches. This year, I'm welcoming the cooler weather over the hot summer for some reason. I'm not sure why as I usually don't mind the heat of summer. Maybe it's age creeping up on me.
With the cooler weather comes baking. Today I made some blueberry muffins, and as predicted, I had to hide the few that were left at the end of the day, else I would see none tomorrow. Tis a compliment on my cooking prowess I guess.
School holidays are here, and we're relishing the idle mornings. The Exception is tomorrow, where we'll be up earlier  to make a trip into the city and then onto the vegan friendly, Brunswick Street Fitzroy. I know it is difficult living as a vegan in a cruel and callous, meat crazed society, but we can feel fortunate knowing that Melbourne is rated the 5th most vegan friendly city in the world. It's nice to know we have company.
Even better to realize , we were amongst the first trail blazers, all  those years ago. Veganism has progressed in leaps and bounds in the last 27 years of my experience.

It's very promising.

11 March 2017

more views from the studio

10 March 2017

le studio

 a couple of dollars on a glass hurricane vase and a photo spree ensued. 
afternoon light 
dans le studio

3 March 2017

so , here's the result of the dingy , dark brown table that once was and is no longer. 
The kitchen feels brighter , and in particular the walls in the corner where it stands, are  lighter as a result of the reflected light jumping off the pale wood.  i'm really happy with how this worked out, and no awful paint stripper was needed - just a bit of hard yakka. I might finish it naturally with tung oil, once I can find a local supplier. The notice  / chalk board may need some work now to co-ordinate with the table. 
other creations of late, watercolors, and a summer  nightie made of white cotton voile.