11 March 2017

more views from the studio

10 March 2017

le studio

 a couple of dollars on a glass hurricane vase and a photo spree ensued. 
afternoon light 
dans le studio

3 March 2017

so , here's the result of the dingy , dark brown table that once was and is no longer. 
The kitchen feels brighter , and in particular the walls in the corner where it stands, are  lighter as a result of the reflected light jumping off the pale wood.  i'm really happy with how this worked out, and no awful paint stripper was needed - just a bit of hard yakka. I might finish it naturally with tung oil, once I can find a local supplier. The notice  / chalk board may need some work now to co-ordinate with the table. 
other creations of late, watercolors, and a summer  nightie made of white cotton voile.

22 February 2017

this could be my new favorite toy

After a trip to the hardware store this morning, I was enthusiastic to get started on the sanding of my old post office desk. Working outside, I stop at times  for a rest and savor the sound of the gentle breeze rustling through the trees, before resuming again the noisy task at hand. Suffice to say, I found it unusual that the safety directions for this machinery didn't suggest wearing earplugs! Nevertheless,  in a little over an hour the bulk of the work is done. Next stage I'll be using a finer paper to polish  up. Taking a break at the moment until later in the day when it is not so warm, 

19 February 2017