19 June 2018

A cold wintery melbourne day, 13 outside at the moment, down to a low of 2 this morning . Staying indoors where it's warm is my preference, although I admit, i'm in need of more daily exercise, so out for an afternoon walk i will go. ....yesterday I  commenced crocheting  a bright and cheery scarf for Edwin , using up some of the spare yarns I have hoarded away, 

15 June 2018

In the city, a steep stairway below street level, leads to a treasure trove of pre loved books. Tin Tin is there to welcome us on arrival, reminding us all the while, that though we may be eager to discover a favourite book, we must watch our step!!!!

Take a seat, if you may, and ponder over a unique book......

 Books galore, around every corner.....

We left with a book for my daughter, 
The Professor, 
Tales from Angria, Poems etc
The Brontes.

14 June 2018

Nature is full of pleasant surprises

While walking back to the house after hanging out a little washing on the line to dry,
something caught my eye on the ground. 

12 June 2018

it's cold outside,  and being confined to the lounge room most days, (as it is our only source of heating) , I notice acutely, the subtle changes in light that take place throughout the day. On some clear days, at about three o clock in the afternoon , the sun sneaks in through the window, spreading  it's ethereal rays of light across the centre of the room. A fleeting moment that lasts less than 30 minutes, the coffee table and it's contents are highlighted  in the centre of the   room, and as my handiwork is always on the table, the scene is always enchanting. 

Sunday saw me bake a boston bun for afternoon tea that was appreciated by all and survived not more than two days. 

Yesterday, saw me tackle a long frustrating laundry issue concerning a dysfunctional curtain.
Rather than spend money on materials, I found an unused cotton sheet, folded it in half and attached several curtain rings. Problem solved.

......and today, a quick cover up for a broken pane of window glass.

1 June 2018

One can always dream