21 February 2018

yesterday , petit tresors , picked up from a favorite shop in the nicholson building.
. The fabric caught my eye at first, and next , I chose some antique paperie  to complement. What will I use the fabric for? It remains to be seen. 

16 February 2018

6.45 pm

the golden glow of the afternoon light hints at autumn being near.

15 February 2018

Received in the post today this lovely first edition book. The dust jacket being in very poor condition - the spine having been worn away to almost nothing and a few holes here and there, all kept in place with a plastic covering. I realise that although the plastic may prove some protection to the jacket, over time it may actually discolor the image, due to who- knows -what in the chemical make up  of the plastic. I also know that placing a film over the print immediately dulls the appearance of the image. So off it came, and hence the restoration began. Using acid free glue and artists paper, I reinforced all the areas that were falling apart, and using an image of the jacket art  I found on the web as a point of reference, I recreated the original drawing by filling in the missing areas. I'm very pleased with it now. 

5 February 2018

today. I'm sitting at the computer, the homely and reassuring smell of toast fills the air as I
wait for the gas hot water service man to visit.
leaking unit meant we were forced to turn off the water at the mains yeserday , so have been making do on the water we have contained in bottles and other vessels. Hopefully soon the problem will be rectified. I have a pile of dishes that need cleaning !

29 January 2018

another day of heatwave
the bees are enjoying their bath as are the birds outdoors
34 degrees at the time of writing
39 yesterday
change expected this afternoon and it can't come soon enough
no air conditioning so the weather is very draining
to wile away the hours, I have started  on a new set of dishcloths.