17 March 2018

another excuse to crochet....

From the craft room ( living area) today. A collection of yarns from op shops have commenced new life as a cosy blanket. I started with a basic hexagon motif , all which are specifically centred around the color theme inspired by Corner Inlet. 

27 February 2018

Favorite pair of very comfortable shorts that I have owned for 18 years are slowly showing wear. I very nearly threw them out but they hold some fond memories for me, therefore  I am patching them ad hoc style. A hole appears, and so does a new patch. The more patches, the more interesting they will become. While I was sewing this afternoon, thinking about the diminishing arctic, and wondering how long we have left before the weather spirals out of control, as it has done in earths  past, I thought about the word love, and how carelessly this word is thrown around on the net, especially where business is involved.. 'Love' in my opinion , has a whole new meaning in this age. It should encompass not just our near friends and relatives, but the whole of earth and all its beings. Therefore, our actions towards the earth will determine how much we 'love' it's inhabitants. Love involves sacrifice, is selfless, and expects nothing in return. Not money, nor gifts, nor constant attention. 'Love is the answer', yes, but it Will take an awful lot of 'genuine' love before climate change is resolved. If ever.

24 February 2018

First attempt at Vegan Butter. Cannot stop eating it , it is sooooo good. Spread on homemade scottish oatcakes , or sliced bread, it is scrumptious.

for the love of crochet

Such a relaxing past time it is to crochet.
I have seen some rather fetching crochet hearts floating around on the net, so inspired, I thought i would have a go. It takes centre place in the kitchen of course - the hub of family life.
Oh, I just had another thought. Why not  create another few, for my sorry looking keys.

21 February 2018

yesterday , petit tresors , picked up from a favorite shop in the nicholson building.
. The fabric caught my eye at first, and next , I chose some antique paperie  to complement. What will I use the fabric for? It remains to be seen.