8 January 2018

a restful afternoon

Making smudge sticks with hand picked sage from the garden.

5 January 2018

I brought hom ethe Abraham Darby rose from my local nursery about a month ago, and it is now flowering . I chose two from the shrub to bring inside and admire. They are bewitching in their beauty and fragrance. So delicate and fragile, the ruffles so translucent, and the scent  - fruity with  citrus notes. I'm reminded of  the saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson - the earth laughs in flowers.  They certainly bring alot of joy. 

29 December 2017

outdoor space...

my latest creation. 
a great outdoor living space, protected from  mosquitos, harsh outdoor light, rain to some extent, and wind as well. 
the family can now eat outdoors at dusk  in  comfortable, cosy surroundings. 

22 December 2017

17 December 2017