30 May 2017

the suns rays highlighting my handiwork this afternoon.
the weather however , being so changeable, as at this moment it is pouring with rain outside. 

29 May 2017

I knew those old bed slats would come in handy one day. 

23 May 2017

glorious autumn

collected tapestry threads sourced from thrift shops, stranded and then combined to make new shades. slowly but surely, they are growing together to make a piece of fabric that will eventually become a scarf.

12 May 2017

Last Sunday

this afternoon

7 May 2017

Completed at last. After unsuccessfully hunting around for some ready made beaded fringe of the  white variety, I eventually decided, I would make it myself. A store specializing in beads and trims on the second floor of the The Nicholson Building in the cbd was a great spot to purchase all the required notions, and I completed two fringes for both light shades at a reasonable cost. It turned out to be a fun exercise, and I was able to recycle some of the original antique beads in the new fringe. 
These two art deco lamp shades were gifted from a friend, and I have always appreciated them,  but the original shades, being orange, were not to my taste. I was able to remove the orange paint covering one shade, but curiously, the other shade was genuine orange tinted glass! Sigh. After finding a white replacement for it, along came the task of finishing both with coordinating beaded fringe, and that's the end of the story. They look great now. So elegant.

So, while I was photographing my lamp shade this morning, some other pieces of handiwork wanted to jump in to the picture too.

2 May 2017

natural and simple domestic tool fix

The time had come when our mop, after 10 years of service, finally had the gong. It's handle, as well, being in a bad way, had to be replaced. I chose to innovate,  headed down to the local reverse art truck site, and picked up some wooden dowelling  to the correct size. After some sanding back a comfortable round edge at the top, and drilling a hole to accomodate some sisal twine, I then gave it varnish and simply screwed the timber into the mop head. It won't rust, as the former did, though we will see how long it handles moisture, at which point it will just need be replaced with another timber handle.