22 February 2017

this could be my new favorite toy

After a trip to the hardware store this morning, I was enthusiastic to get started on the sanding of my old post office desk. Working outside, I stop at times  for a rest and savor the sound of the gentle breeze rustling through the trees, before resuming again the noisy task at hand. Suffice to say, I found it unusual that the safety directions for this machinery didn't suggest wearing earplugs! Nevertheless,  in a little over an hour the bulk of the work is done. Next stage I'll be using a finer paper to polish  up. Taking a break at the moment until later in the day when it is not so warm, 

19 February 2017

18 February 2017

breakfast treat for the whole family this morning.....peanut butter and chocolate oatmeal. delicious.

back home after the city last wednesday.
so good to see a brown paper shopping bag being distributed in a grocery store.

9 February 2017

sumer nights  mean long walks after the heat of the sun has dissapeared. last night picked up some leaf fall on our walk, and propped it into an alternative vase - found in my backyard - rusty old piece of down pipe. Bit of a clean to remove flaking paint and hidden inside, a plastic container to hold water. 
37 degree heat at the time of wrtiting . it is sweltering inside. no air conditioning, not feeling like doing anything much at all.

2 February 2017

keeping my place serene, away from the eyes of instagram.

My home is not a source of advertising material. It is sacred to me however. I find it sad that people resort to instagram for this purpose. But that is beside the point of what I want to share today.

It was a fine day. Sun is shining and it isn't too hot, topping a mild 26 degrees this afternoon. Perfect weather. 
This morning I planned a trip to the shopping centre to buy an enamel loaf pan in preparation to bake a Vegan Blueberry Loaf for the family to enjoy. The cake worked a treat, and I found the enamleware to be more consistent in it's heat distribution than the old tin pan I was using previously - the crust having baked to perfection rather than starting overcook before other areas of the cake. 
So, it was a pleasant afternoon, and as always the westerly light that shines in to the living areas in the afternoon make the house quite picturesque at this time of the year.