17 June 2014

Days are short while the nights grow longer.

The last of the autumn foliage comes inside where it's glorious golden color warms up our living room. I could sit back and stare at the  beauty  of these leaves for hours. Alas, the trees outside are bare now as we head into the grey days of winter. Now it becomes a challenge finding fresh color to bring indoors. In one corner of the  garden a  lonely peach rose blooms and I dare not pick it ; there it  stands sentry  like a beacon glowing in the dark. In other areas of the garden  are camellias , chinese lanterns and a few sunny yellow jonquils, which I chose to make a little posy to bring inside today. These are the days of hibernation. Cosy get together s around the fire, books, various hand crafts, pots of tea,  and,  for a treat sometimes, a big wholesome cake.