24 October 2007

above : still life on a little table featuring a vintage book
by one of our favorite authors, Edward Ardizzone.

Well it's that time of the year,
when the sun shines most days, and one is
reminded of sunny days on the beach,
dipping into the waves, and relishing the sight
of the vast blue distance of the sea.
I'm yearning to visit the beach again.
Alas, without transport, sometimes we miss out,
and so, painting what I miss is the next best thing.
I tell you what, when I was in the thick of painting this
mural, it felt almost as if I were there - so engrossed in
the work was I.

This is the mural I painted for my children's bedroom.
Yes, I have posted images of this mural before,
but this is in a new location.
We rent, so, the mural comes with us, and we pin it straight
back onto the new walls theres no stopping us!

Sometimes we're lucky enough to stay at our
very generous friends beach house -
'The Shack' as they like to call it -
a little, run down beach house
on the Ninety Mile Beach.
What a delight it is to camp outside as I like to do,
and hear the distant sounds of the waves as they crash
on the shore. In a word 'bliss'.
There's something about camping out
as opposed to boarding a luxurious motel,
give me a run down shack or a tent anyday!
It is then that we can savor the delights of what
nature has to offer us - and she is so generous!

So until the summer holidays I must wait and hope for the opportunity
to arise again!

*please note - we are a normal family and I
tidied up the kids bedroom before these shots were taken!!! he, he!