30 December 2010

Watching the clouds go by...........

 Xmas passed smooothly, being a wonderful catch- up 
with relatives. Lots of laughs, chatter , good food and fine company.
I feel very fortunate to belong to a loving and accepting family.
Holiday time for the kids and the living is easy.

 The weather has cleared and it finally feels like summer is here.
Today, a mild 25 degrees, conditions just right to relax out in the backyard
under the shade of our tall gum tree with the company of the local birds.
Among these were Noisy Miners, Sulfur Crested Cockatoos and Musk Lorikeets
twittering high above in the tree top, all the while I, reading a little natty book
I picked up long ago for 20 cents, and a favorite ever since. 
I have learn t much from this humble little publication.
 Proof that the best things in life don't cost money but instead, feed your intellect -
which I think, is priceless.
With loads of information on cloud formations and weather patterns,
I have been able to study and 
document some of the cloud species found drifting past over our neighbourhood...
all conveniently photographed from our backyard.

A few retro looking diagrams from
the little book published in 1971 by Green Ltd

Eucalyptus in the backyard
lorikeets hiding in the uppermost branches....

Windswept high altitude Cirrus clouds indicating more fine weather on the way.

Cirrostratus - high , windswept clouds made up of  mostly ice crystals

and Alto Cumulus or 'Mackerel Sky'.

And like so many artists before me, the sky is a source of inspiration.
Hence the paintings that I am currently inspired to create.


20 December 2010

Early morning here in Australia.
A ridiculously cold 13 degrees outside.
The weather has been really cold of late, and this is 'summer'.
Hail yesterday at midday. My little girl so surprised,
she yelled out 'SNOW' at the top of her voice.
You know I wouldn't be amazed if that did happen,
given the global weather uncertainties now.
Anyway, we bring in our Xmas tree a week 
before Xmas day, as it is a living tree that we nurture outside
in a pot all year round. We have had her now for 11 years,
and she started out as less than a metre high.
She now stands at nearly twice that height.
At the base we arrange the nativity scene, and presents
for friends and relatives.
Lots of hand made toys and dolls clothes for my neices.
I am sickened at the amount of plastic produced by 
the large corporate companies, and my hnad made creations
beat them hands down anyway, in terms of quality and aesthetics.
Today, off to the shops to meet Santa and buy some ingredients for
a gingerbread house.....

6 December 2010

Christmas is a wonderful time for children especially.
Here's a line drawing that my youngest has pasted proudly 
on our front window.....
I rather like the detail.

The garden is flourishing at the moment, and I especially love white flowers
indoors, but these one's I must confess make me sneeze a bit.

We've been making hand made stars from clay,
to give to little friends.....

And finally some photos taken outside......
these will inspire my next painting.
There's nothing I like more than a good summer storm,
and we've had no shortage of them the past month.
Infact , we've had the heaviest rain since records started 
early last century......no doubt climate change is partly to blame.
And as the human race continue to live without a concern for
their offsprings', and their offsprings' future,
things will only get worse......not being pessimistic but realistic.
Still , these alto - cumulus clouds reaching for the heavens
just blow me a way, and I love a thunder storm such as this.
One loud and wild enough to tell us 
- who's boss.