18 March 2008

Warmth and good tidings to you and yours over Easter....

Been a long time since....
I last blogged.
Suddenly had an urge to update, after disapearing
from the scene for a couple of months.
I heard somewhere on the grapevine the words-
"Blogging Without Obligation'
Ha Ha!
I'll use those words as an excuse, but no, I have a very
good excuse as to why I haven't been around and that
is due to the fact that my family moved house
late February after a very trying
two months of trying to find a property to lease.
An absolute nightmare to say the least,
but I've learnt a thing or two in the process.
That the most generous and compassionate of people
are those that are not caught
up in their own little comfy worlds and
don't regard possessions and material
wealth as being of prime importance above
It is those who have less,
have known hardship and sorrow,
and are not afraid to face it,
who are the most compassionate
and generous....and you know why? Because
their priority in life is not MONEY, POSSESSIONS,
and seeking that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Ironically , these are the people who are most resilient and
will cope when difficulties arrive.
Anyway, now that I have that off my chest,
I thought I'd post some 'fluffy'
pictures of our easter tree that we concocted together
as a family...a nice little house warming ritual
to welcome in the new season.