4 November 2009

What can surpass the beauty of roses?
The quiet and gentle passing of
a flower that was once in her prime;
with grace, she ages beautifully while
the scent of her old wilting petals
lingers on.

A used hand- crocheted coat hanger in the
softest of pinks, fading peacefully.
I like picking up old padded coat hangers such as these
on my travels, so long as they are of good quality.

The coat hanger sits comfortably atop this old hat box,
originally covered in an unpleasant rose patterned
paper. Once painted over entirely in an old white,
I allowed the paper to peek through on the inside with the
merest suggestion.
This way, it is more subdued and tasteful.

I have not decided yet, how I will put my hat box to use.
I might start collecting the old scented roses from my garden as
they begin to wilt and place them securely inside as a potpourri.