16 September 2010

sakura - cherry blossom

                   sakura petal
                                                 floats in the breeze
                                                                                         as evening clouds gently drift -


                                     we sip tea
                                                                  in afternoon silence
                                                                                    distant bird call-


                                                           pristine blossoms white
                                                                                in rows on rugged twine
                                                                                                  beauty and the beast -


                                                    sakura path beckons
                                                                     tired and weary soul
                                                                                                 rejuvenate in morning sun -

                                                             moist clouds of pink
                                                                                    white scented petals drift
                                                                                                            under heavy rain coming -

Some photos from my backyard
and my haiku poetry.


8 September 2010

A garden study in purples

Well, today is starting to look a bit more like the start of Spring.
I was beginning to wonder if would ever arrive as the weather has
been so chilly and wet of late.
This morning, the sun was beckoning me to venture outdoors.
The flowers around the garden look so vibrant and fresh,
many of the purple and violet variety. 
As seen above, grape hyacinth merrily dancing along 
our garden beds. 

And although I'm not sure what the botanical name for these sunny faced
daisies are, they deserved a mention in this post today.


Violets are popping their little droopy heads up everywhere.
They seem a little shy to have their photo taken
as their faces drop towards the ground below......


But Lavender, I would have to say , is one of my favorites.
Their scent is refreshing, not overly sweet, and the plant has a myriad of domestic
uses. I add the florets to my hand made soap, fill little bags to use as drawer sachets
 and I also like to bring it inside to display. One way is to make 
lavender wands where you simply take up to ten flexible young stems,
tie just below the florets with string, and then pull the stems back over
the florets, spacing them evenly. Then, with some ribbon, tie a decorative
bow just below the florets, and neatly trim the stems to the same length.




I think they look really charming;
their soft purple hues set off against my blue and white china.


Herb crafts are another really good excuse to wander around
the garden , and play with mother natures offerings....
to slow down, contemplate, and revel in her beauty.
 This is the elixir of life.