16 September 2010

sakura - cherry blossom

                   sakura petal
                                                 floats in the breeze
                                                                                         as evening clouds gently drift -


                                     we sip tea
                                                                  in afternoon silence
                                                                                    distant bird call-


                                                           pristine blossoms white
                                                                                in rows on rugged twine
                                                                                                  beauty and the beast -


                                                    sakura path beckons
                                                                     tired and weary soul
                                                                                                 rejuvenate in morning sun -

                                                             moist clouds of pink
                                                                                    white scented petals drift
                                                                                                            under heavy rain coming -

Some photos from my backyard
and my haiku poetry.


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