8 July 2012

Interior color to light up the winter days.....

Sunny yellow jonquils and lemons from my garden in a glass jug.

backyard lemons and children's art arranged in a row along the kitchen windowsill.

Old cake tins.


 Hand knitted aran scarf in red wool.

It's been so cold here, night time temperatures reaching 2 degrees. 
My fingers are cold as I type , so I won't be here long.
It's back into the living room where I can warm up, 
Winter is a time when the interior really needs a shot of color,
and the garden provides us with some relief. 
Yellow jonquils paired with branches of lemon brighten up my living room.
Fresh red checks in the kitchen, yellow lemons from the garden ..... just what
our living quarters need at this time of the year.
Winter seems to me a perfect opportunity to knit, so the challenge came
 when I knitted this aran scarf recently. Nothing beats hand knitted garments. 
They take time but, being of superior quality, 
it will last a long time yet, and that makes good ecological sense.
brrrr, I'm out of here.......