29 December 2017

outdoor space...

my latest creation. 
a great outdoor living space, protected from  mosquitos, harsh outdoor light, rain to some extent, and wind as well. 
the family can now eat outdoors at dusk  in  comfortable, cosy surroundings. 

22 December 2017

17 December 2017

16 December 2017


rescued (pinched) a succulent from my daughters window sill. repotted, tided up dead foliage and gave it a good drink. i'm sure camille will be surprised - in a favourable way.

A surprise in the mail. A complimentary magazine sent out to me courtesy junkies magazine. Pretty nice of them. a magazine full of free thinkers i can relate to.

recently made a round shallow bowl using the  papier mache technique. The curve of the bowl was important, so I spent some time building up the shape. I pasted on various shades of white newspaper in haphazard fashion over the surface using a simple, acid free paste. Similar to the type used by conservators of important old manuscripts.
 It looks organic - imperfect. The neutral color of the bowl complements my arrangement of banksia seed pods arranged in side. These have fond memories for us, as we collected them during our walk on the little drift track, wilsons prom. Very unusual, they look almost like little marsupial creatures.

And a nifty hard cover watercolor sketchbook in a very lovely blue, for my walking sketches.

14 December 2017

dans le jardin

our happy and comfortable little potager.
the mini hothouses have proved a great success, with tomatoes on the go in one, and rhurbarb in the other. other picking delights include mulberries, strawberries, plums, parsley, peppermint, lemon balm, thyme, lemon thyme, native mint, rosemary, dill, pumpkins and zucchini, sage , valerian, celery and broad beans.
also, 3 x orb weavers have taken up residence. 
'Orbrey' (above) has claimed a couch grass blade as anchor to her nest, which in turn,  has halted my urge  to pull the nasty weed  out.

29 November 2017

Walking the mornington peninsula national park trail yesterday. Rested beneath the shade of the cliffs and managed a brief 5 minute sketch. Drinking water as precious as gold in this heat, so resorted to spittle with watercolor. Plenty of salt water about but that wouldnt do much good to my materials. Pretty soon, the waves started encroaching on my safe little hideaway, so thought it best to move on.

 I found some beautiful beach finds, and some not so beautiful. A bag full of other people's rubbish is what I also came home with. There are no rubbish receptacles to be found on this stretch of coastline, only a useless sign saying 'please take your rubbish home with you.'

To paint. To care for it as I would my own home. I really wish I lived closer. 

22 November 2017

thoughts, constant

shockingly hotter than average temperatures here for the last weeks of spring..... smashed yet more temperature records.....and the world resumes as if nothing is happening. I'm astounded as I observe the attitudes and the lifestyles of a great majority of people.....whose priorities are up the creek..... so much information available, thousands of in depth studies and scientific facts,  and it appears few are interested, but only in themselves, while desperately trying to fit in, get ahead and impress their neighbour. Its plainly obvious what is to become of planet earth. 

27 October 2017

spring roses