22 November 2017

thoughts, constant

shockingly hotter than average temperatures here for the last weeks of spring..... smashed yet more temperature records.....and the world resumes as if nothing is happening. I'm astounded as I observe the attitudes and the lifestyles of a great majority of people.....whose priorities are up the creek..... so much information available, thousands of in depth studies and scientific facts,  and it appears few are interested, but only in themselves, while desperately trying to fit in, get ahead and impress their neighbour. Its plainly obvious what is to become of planet earth. 

27 October 2017

spring roses

24 October 2017

never have to look far...
art is everywhere.

walking the streets today in the locality, these water color effect eucalyptus leaves were laying on my pathway and caught my eye.
the crystal grid was created using treasures from my own garden.

23 October 2017


a scented breeze
and distant bird call

soft linen
in my hands
white, blue and tea

with needle and thread
i sew by 
the lilac tree

19 October 2017

14 October 2017

This work is in the public domain

this entrancing dutch painting at the ngv yesterday. 
seeing it in the first person had me lost in every detail and every nuance, the effect of which is intangible but can be best described as pulling me in as if in a time warp to a different era. 
A a sixth sense, if you may.

a little parcel of fine packaging  - delightful notions consisting of vintage grain sack fabric and cotton craft remnant. I have plans for these but I admit they are Almost too pretty to use. 

10 October 2017


7 October 2017

a spring altar to welcome in the new......

5 October 2017

2 October 2017

 We went to do a little exploring along western port bay yesterday and look what the mermaids left us. What treasure. 
I was impressed to find these beauties as opposed to rubbish - the beach was very clean. 

Earlier on in the day we walked along the northern shores of western port bay, which were a little depressing as we were to discover the area has been heavily damaged due to over fishing and clearing of land due to cattle grazing ealier in the last century. The mangroves however at this national park protected part of the shoreline were worth seeing. 

We also visited the Vegan Makers Market on the day, and I came home with a baby sage bundle. Today I'm crafting some more using herbs from my own garden.....