27 July 2017

what we're reading

.....and a current job sewing up 51 linen bread bags. 
such  a pleasure to work with a large bolt of eco flax linen.

18 July 2017

made a date and nut loaf yesterday, for the dual purpose of satisfying our tummies and also, heating up the kitchen. This large old house is always cold in winter.

Flowering quince brought indoors is an annual custom at this time of year. such a pretty flower, and it brightens up the lounge room no end.

 for some time, my mind has been imagaining the possibilities , using the left over scraps of white and creamy fabric stashed away in my fabric box. Randomly placed, piece by piece, cutting up portions and rearranging them in a spontaneous fashion,  machine stitching and seeing what the outcome is. 

13 July 2017

finished for camille. she loves it.

A trip to the city yesterday.... that donut shop on degraves street melbourne is too much of a temptation. We intended to purchase only one for my son who made a request. Then, waiting infront of the shop, with delectable enticements staring at us behind glass windows, we then decided we might buy instead three to share between us. Finally, we committed to four after discovering that was better value. oh well, once in a blue moon wont do any harm I guess.

11 July 2017

4.30 pm

9 July 2017

in progress. A hat for my daughter...

...followed by morning tea. This morning I baked a gluten free pumpkin bread, using flaxseed as the egg replacer and maple syrup/rice syrup to replace the sugar. I have come to the conclusion that I prefer gluten free flour as it seems to provide a softer, less rubbery crumb to the texture of the cake.
This one was nearly demolished by the four of this household in the course of four hours. Which led me to the necessity of hiding it away! A greater compliment there never was.

3 July 2017

Le jardin après la pluie

21 June 2017

11 June 2017

Recently i discovered a successful recipe for a homemade air freshener. Sans the nasty chemical additives in commercial sprays, I am glad to finally have found one that works.  The formula comprises a combination of water, vanilla essence ( as opposed to vodka, which really doesn't smell that nice ) and essential oils of choice. Once combined , the concoction is transferred to a recycled spray bottle suitable for the purpose. Sprayed into the air, the aroma is a truly satisfying to experience. Of course the choice of essential oils will depend on what rooms of the house the spray is intended for. Lemongrass, eucalyptus and tea tree for example would be se suited for a bathroom or toilet application whereas woodier notes like sandalwood and geranium may be better suited for use in a cosy living space. 

 - The Receipt -

3 quarters of a cup of water
2 tablespoons of vanilla extract ( or vodka)
15 to 20 drops of essential oils of choice

for example -

lemon, tea tree and eucalyptus

peppermint and orange

clove, ginger, cardamom and cassia

lavender, rosemary and lemon

* giving the mixture a bit of a shake before spraying will optimize the dispersion and hence the scent

I'm going to experiment with the essential oils in my collection and see what I come up with.