30 June 2016


someone's happy

delicate carrot top ferns inside the terrarium are thriving - the tallest  measures well over 20 cm.

cheetah's intentions are wise on this cold and wintry grey day

and though it's winter, little dots of colour defiantly spring-up around the garden

come 5 pm, it's already growing dark outside - brief showers make an appearance.

22 June 2016


 ...for my birthday. Tis beautiful ambrose and camille

15 June 2016

lazy sunny winter afternoon, knitting as meditation accompanied by a smouldering palo santo stick.
everyday, at about 3 pm the earths rotation meets a point where the sun begins to peek in through our westerly facing window, bathing the centre table in sunlight. 

5 June 2016

no one's home.....

....except Cheetah and I. 
Therefore I chose to turn off the gas heater because it seems a waste to just heat the living area when it's only the cat and I here. Cheetah looked at me as if to say, 'did you ask me first if you could do that?'
She resigned and found a comfy spot on the armchair instead.

In our small nursery in the lounge room corner window we are growing carrot tops among other things  - to me they look like little delicate ferns. I wonder how large they will grow in these conditions?

There are also Boston and Maidenhair ferns, growing here, as well as a very eye catching rosary or queen of hearts vine - so called for it's distinctive heart shaped leaves and little 'beads' that grow along the length of it's tendrils. 

Won't be long and the company will be back.....