30 April 2016

Blueberries, grated apple....

.....crushed almonds, stoneground oats, soy yoghurt, vanilla essence, rice milk, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.
 This morning, and i'm baking a family favorite - 
Blueberry and Apple Baked Porridge.

26 April 2016

Tuesday Afternoon

glorious autumn days. collecting autumn leaves to place in vessels around the house. 
golden sunlight filters through the windows on this fine april afternoon. 
A Friend allowed me to rescue this old creamy coloured electric jug from his by - the - roadside  rubbish collection. In it, I placed some autumn leaves.....

Spent today making this cushion cover with the remaining fabric remnants left over from the slip covers. They coordinate well with the natural linen covers beside it. 

Delicious cookies handmade by my sons girlfriend....

Now the evening light starts to fade, and I put away my camera for another day. 

23 April 2016

Rustic and nice

this afternoon, gathered a posy of greens from the garden, of all varying shades.....greys, soft greens, dusty purple, sage and taupe. They are a picture of serenity on our table top. 

I was requested to make a knotted mat for a friends house warming. 
With the help of some warm sun on my back and armed with 30 metres of manila rope, patience and skill, the mat was completed. 
Love the challenge and the process - the outcome of which is extremely satisfying.

stage one - setting up the knot

sewing it all together.

1 April 2016

good sense is...

....buying sets of sheets sans the awful plastic packaging.
I had put aside this linen pocket that originally held a queen sized doona cover some time ago , waiting for the time to come when I would use it. With another trip to the prom approaching , the bag is living up to it's expectations and is proving pretty efficient as an art materials hold - all.
I am abhorred by the amount of plastic readily available in shops. Using fabric bags to contain items is such good sense. Another bag I have, similar to this one, but a different color, has been recycled into simple drawstring bags and filled with lavender from the garden, cloves and cinnamon to keep the moths away from my linen closet. Come to think of it, should have taken a photo of those too.