26 October 2015

Discovered at the local church fete, an old timber tool box filled with rusty old nails, tools and screws. After enquiring as to whether I could leave the latter behind, I was told to dispose of them myself!, thus the ten minute walk home ensued,  carrying a heavy load. 
Arriving home, I saved what I could of the rusty bits, gave the box a clean and set about collecting roses from the garden and jars to place them in. Later that day, displayed on the coffee table and accompanied by home made vegan treats, my little treasure box was a sight to behold.
Every year the fete is held, the parish celebrate the end of the day with a magnificent fireworks display. It is now, that all the locals emerge from hibernation and congregate to see the spectacle. I say, emerge from hibernation, because it seems this is the only time one is likely to see the locals walking the streets. Such is life in Ringwood. 

16 October 2015

Strange damp, cloudy day today, after the unseasonable hot start to October. 
I suffer from heyfever at this  time of the year, but it doesn't stop me from getting out in the garden. there   are so many surprises waiting to be discovered every day. 
Spring puts a 'spring in the step' so they say.. 
Made some twig candle holders using glass jars, and string to hold them in place for my spring mantel.....

12 October 2015

a new camera

5 October 2015

2 October 2015

making and playing

we have two art deco lamps very kindly given us by a friend, but I've never felt comfortable with the orange shades that were fitted in them, so .....rather than go out and purchase a new lamp shade, i wanted to create something unique instead. Therefore, I've been busy with my hands - utilizing my willing  assistants in tissue paper, cotton fabric, beach finds and imitation pearls. she's not finished yet I think, so I'll just keep adding more beach treasures as we cross paths.

 Liam Neeson. 
Now how did he find his way into this post? Never mind - he can stay.....haha.

My box full of seaside treasures. Because in life, the fewer possessions you own, the better. All the more for those simple gifts given to us by nature.
Have a good day.