30 October 2010

Pure and simple soap making.

Mild sunny days spell good weather for soap making.
This, my second batch so far this season.
I so enjoy crafting handmade soaps, but, as always, immediate attention
is the order of the day. Not one of my batches has failed yet in the course 
of my ten year practice, nor do I intend to make any unsuccessful batches
as it is an expensive hobby.
 This recipe, is based on a basic moisturising soap recipe, containing the ingredients
coconut oil, olive oil, distilled water and lye. *Palm Oil, of which I used to use, is
no more on my list of ingredients, as the habitats 
of orangutans are being wiped out due to
the extensive plantations of palm oil trees. 
To this mixture at trace
I add supplements such as oats, essential oils , decorative flowers and further beneficial
ingredients that may complement the therapeutic values of the soap.
I prefer basic , handcut blocks - nothing superfluous or fancy-
just honest and simple.
 A bit of a reflection on my outlook on life as a whole.


25 October 2010

Daily snapshots from around the home.

.........images from around the home...
detail of old 40's window handle,
newly poured kelp, bergamot and oatmeal soap,
vintage Charles Dickens books on coffee table, 
(my art in the background)
and still life of heavenly scented lilacs in a glass vase on the dining table.
Moments in time captured during the pleasant , warm days of October .