30 January 2013

Sunny day op shopping

Ever have one of those days when you take a trip to the local thrift store,  and come back with some surprising little finds? Today was one of those days for me. Arrived home and thought , why not pull out the camera, and so I did. Under the shade of our old lemon tree, I arranged my treasures.....a vintage cane-ware basket, blue enamel ware pie plate and old country style magazine.  Nice. The basket was just what I needed to fill the blank space atop my fridge in the kitchen and the pie dish will be added to my growing collection of enamel ware. 
See ya!


5 January 2013

Bringing in the cool sea breeze......

Summer is well and truly here,with temperatures soaring to over 40 yesterday. I was glad when that sweet cool change arrived over night.On arising this morning, the sound of thebirds outside twittering away happily, told me mother nature was feeling a little more kind.Nevertheless, it is summer, and I like to dress the home to complement the season. Out go the carpets and rugs to reveal cool, airy floorboards. Fresh white agapanthus flowers in an old preserving jar, an assortment of shells and memories captured in glass - all little touches that evoke cool seaside breezes.

I have few interior design books as I feel they are an extravagance. Especially in this day and age where there is such an abundance of inspirational material on the net.This one however is a favorite that I pull out from time to time.

Bye for now.