8 February 2011

Safety Beach, Rosebud, Victoria

Colorful and vibrant beach huts along the shoreline.

Trio of Silver Gulls......

Southern view of Safety Beach looking towards the opening to Port Phillip Bay.

 Northern aspect , Mount Martha in the distance.

 Today I wanted to show you some photographs 
taken during the summer holidays at Safety Beach here in Victoria.
Safety Beach is located in the Port Phillip Bay area , on the easterly
coast, and is a wonderful calm beach, with access to walk out far, without
it getting too deep. As you can see , on the day , it was quite deserted
you could almost be the only person on earth.
Abundant in wildlife, we swam amongst little schools of fish, crustaceans and
the odd sea star, one of which was about the length of our feet.
Not so pleasant was the close encounter with a large jelly, of which species
I was uncertain, and not willing to get close enough to find out. 
A sting from it, would have finished our day there and then.
There were the typical Silver Gulls hoping for a scrap of food,
and even a wary Southern Petrel was seen at a distance- floating calmly on
the tide but keep a watchful eye on me, the observer.
The Southern Petrel is a large bird,
similar in appearance to the albatross and migrates from the antarctic to warmer
australian southern waters.
So , we spent a few hours here, slowly taking our time, taking in the views,
swimming, collecting shells and sea glass......
and what a great day out we had.
We are grateful to our children's uncle who kindly drove us 
to this location, for without his generosity of spirit, trips 
such as these would not be possible for us.

Finally, I've heard so much about this magazine on various blogs,
that I thought I would treat myself to an issue of Jean D'Arc Living Magazine.
It arrived in the post , beautifully packaged in tissue paper and string.
A pleasant morning was spent , outside, in the shade,
perusing the pages of this unique magazine. 
I was impressed to discover the paper is all recycled
and it seems too, the inks are used sparingly as the photographs
are of a soft , faded quality. Quite different to the many garish, glossy
commercial lifestyle magazines so readily available these days.
Still dreaming of the coast....