30 December 2016

Tis 5.07 PM and I just took these images of the westerly sunlight shining through our lounge room window. The colored glass fisherman floats  remind me of the sea, and as the light reflects off the crystal drops, colored light is scattered around the room, dancing on various surfaces. It's lovely this time of the day, although it can get too hot at times. The ferns here thrive however, as does the rosary vine. As you can see , the hanger was quick to make up.

There aren't many growing in the garden at the time. Appreciate the few that have bloomed and continue to give pleasure indoors, propped in some old glass bottles.

Slow humid days in Melbourne.
Took a trip to the village shopping centre, which is very sleepy at this time of the year.
Shopped for a few staples at the discount store. 
Brown paper bags, cheesecloth and a couple of bundles of rope for my wind battered washing line! 
Also, I'll use some to conjure up a plant hanger for the rosemary vine in the lounge room.

29 December 2016

after the rain

Although the rains caused havoc on the roads this afternoon, I'm pretty sure most welcomed the cool change and the accompanying down pours after today's humid and hot weather. took the opportunity to capture some 'wet' images outdoors.

11 December 2016

Liking these sunny languid afternoons. 
Knitting my first cardigan using cascade ultra pima cotton. 

4 December 2016

On awakening this morning, these natural colors behind glass caught my eye. Rose cuttings are standing in water, while I wait hopefully for signs of new growth.

21 November 2016

Hot days call for chilled water infused with slices of lemon, mint and lemon balm.
Tasty and refreshing.

7 November 2016

a breath taking display

Edwin came home with an armful of these miracles of nature.
Picked from a garden of a member of the family. I added a few more from my own garden to fill out the display a little.
To achieve a long lasting display, I crushed the woody stems, cooked the lower 10th of each stem in boiling water for a few seconds, and then plunged them into a galvanized bucket filled with water -  adding a few more from my own garden to fill out the display a little.
A delight to the senses. 
The search for a plant has begun!

29 October 2016

from the kitchen today

visual treats as I work over the kitchen sink. geraniums and crab apple blossom in antique bottles

20 October 2016

a window view

....from the kitchen window sill. Glass bottles containing pink geraniums, and the flower of the south african fig, also known as 'pig face'..

17 October 2016

our radical solar powered clothes drying apparatus

sans the energy guzzling clothes dryer, my ad hoc line that i've been using for the last ten years at this property is my preferred method of drying the washing. I don't have to explain why.

October, and the garden is in full bloom . The lilacs scent are heavenly, not only to us, but also the insects. The bees in particular, who seem to get drunk on the sweet scent .