12 January 2010

I just love this old book, written and illustrated by Eilleen Mayo.
An unusual book, printed on very fine paper and looks to be
produced on a very low budget , probably owing
to the fact that it was published during the war.

Hand sewn bag using vintage doilies appliqued onto
ivory cotton fabric. ...
and crisp white embroidered shirt hanging against
a hand-painted cupboard....
all thrift shop finds, lovingly rejuvenated.
Very hot days in Melbourne Australia in the peak of our summer
season. Must go now and cool off.

11 January 2010

Xmas is over for another year.
Summer is here in full swing. Days are hot.
I don't post often, art taking me away from the computer,
which is best. But I wanted to post today, some images
of my other favorite past - time.....sewing.

A shoulder bag reconstructed from a linen top
which just didn't fit me. The embroidery is exquisite and
looks beautiful in ivory tones.
A place to put my keys inside........

and a wood button to complement the natural linen.
Beautiful, understated, and a neutral palette
of the same found in nature. This is my philosophy.

And if just to cool me off in mind, body and spirit during these long hot days
in Australia, I like to make little displays around the household
around a marine theme.
Here, a vintage Airfix model ship, displayed against
a book titled 'Shells and how they live' by Eilleen Mayo - published 1944.
Wonderful , detailed illustrations throughout.

Oh, to sail away, far from the madding crowd......

Til next time, whenever that will be!