27 April 2015

All the colours of Autumn

As the season winds down, our family are spending more times indoors. The skies outside at times heavy and promising rain; at others, they are clear blue emanating the gentle warmth of the autumn sun. It has been rather chilly for this time of year, and I have an inkling it may be a cold winter ahead of us. Which means, I may have to start collecting a few more blankets to snuggle up in, as our home has not adequate heating. 
Walking the streets at this time of the year is a joy, as all are lined with trees that are glowing in a mantle of autumn reds, oranges, lime greens and deep burgundy hues.... the leaves look beautiful scattered all over the ground, and I like to bring some indoors and scatter them over the living room table at night with a candle lit , in honour of mother nature and the beauty she freely provides us. 

18 April 2015

the artfulness of books

The bookcase in our living room is filled with just a selection of many books that we own and cannot bear to part with. Some new additions to the collection are these
wonderful old Dickens books that I fortunately came across while visiting a second hand shop recently. Among them were Barnaby Rudge, Nicholas Nickleby and The Pickwick Papers. The others we decided to leave behind for others to savour. Am now enjoying the chilly evenings, curled up on the sofa, wrapped in my mohair hand knit and reading Oliver Twist; this volume complete with illustrations by George Cruikshank. 
We had just seen some illustrations by the aforementioned at an exhibit in town, and lo and behold  while perusing ebay today, I came across this Oliver Twist Tea Tin.
Funny how coincidental events and experiences seem to correspond to current personal interests sometimes. You could call it , serendipity.


6 April 2015

Taking it slow and easy.

I have been quietly sewing each afternoon; with every stitch I  let my mind wander as it will and I feel peaceful in my solitude. A candle lit, it's warm ambience accompanies me while I stitch. Taking time to slowly create, what began early last year. Patience and perseverance will yield exceptional results. I am on the home run now and will post an update when the final quilt is finished.