27 April 2015

All the colours of Autumn

As the season winds down, our family are spending more times indoors. The skies outside at times heavy and promising rain; at others, they are clear blue emanating the gentle warmth of the autumn sun. It has been rather chilly for this time of year, and I have an inkling it may be a cold winter ahead of us. Which means, I may have to start collecting a few more blankets to snuggle up in, as our home has not adequate heating. 
Walking the streets at this time of the year is a joy, as all are lined with trees that are glowing in a mantle of autumn reds, oranges, lime greens and deep burgundy hues.... the leaves look beautiful scattered all over the ground, and I like to bring some indoors and scatter them over the living room table at night with a candle lit , in honour of mother nature and the beauty she freely provides us. 

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