19 May 2015

 fly agaric

Out in the great outdoors and exploring the Dandenong Ranges again. Buses, either late or too early coupled with trains  that do not connect indicate that public transport here in Melbourne needs serious attention. We are governed and live amongst a society of individuals that don't take the immediate threat of pollution and climate change seriously, and where there is no demand - there is no change. As a result , we were left waiting for an hour for a bus to Olinda, but we got there in the end, and despite all , had a brilliant day.  The weather fine and warm, perfect for our 3 hour long hike. We were on the hunt for fungi and were rewarded with numerous little gems hiding away quietly beneath the dark shade of the bracken fern and pines in a dark forest that exuded magical atmosphere. some images taken from the day and at home again in our cosy abode.

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