10 September 2007


Glorious sunny weather here in Melbourne,
makes one feel inspired and creative.
This morning, took a stroll through the bush
near our home, with my daughter. In anticipation,
we knew
mother nature had many treats in
store for us!

Wattle is in full bloom everywhere,
and the various native plants of the region
once dormant over the winter months,
are now enjoying their moment in the sun.
An absolute feast for the eyes and senses!
Life doesn't get much better than this!

above: Hickory Wattle
Acacia Implexa
and below: Spike Wattle
Acacia Oxycedrus

It's easy to see where the indigenous peoples
of this country drew their inspiration from when
painting - take a look around the australian bush and
it's wildlife and you will see many familiar patterns and
shapes, all seen in aboriginal art for the
purpose of portraying their beliefs.
It is when wandering through bush like this
where we can feel most in touch with aboriginal culture.
Pods, seeds, gum and leaves
of some species of acacia,
for example, are used for different purposes,
ranging from drinks and cakes,
to tobacco!

Well folks, the weather's too good to be stuck
on the computer!
I'm outta here!

4 September 2007

Just had to share these images from
Brunos Art and Sculpture Gallery
in Marysville, Victoria.
Bruno is a quite a character.
He is always there to greet each
and everyone of his guests
as they walk through the door.
His world is one of childlike fantasy
and his gardens are something to behold.
As our family don't own a car,
we enjoy rare outings such as these.
Not far out of Marysville, forests of tall
Mountain Ash are just waiting to be explored
and experiences like this nurture and revive the spirit.
We were last here two years ago.
My children, both very artistic, revel in
these outings and once home,
collected some clay from near our home and
made some creatures of their own!

You can see more of Brunos work
at his website listed under my links.