31 August 2016

Towering alto cumulonimbus clouds today are a sight to behold......

30 August 2016

A grey dreary day maybe, but a look around the garden reveals many delights.
Lilies are in full bloom, so I popped one stalk into a wine bottle with pretty label. 

25 August 2016

the fifth day of the week

 ....  and it is crispy cold, yet the sun's rays cast a warmer spring - like tone on everything they touch.
I ventured out this morning to bask in the views; pink camellias over the neighbours fence, glistening rain drops on pink flowering blossom trees and stoic green lichen gripping on steadfast to the old sheds' roof tiles. These August days are closing in preparation for spring and we all look forward to the warmer weather. 

20 August 2016

Such a chilly morning when I awoke. While preparing the customary hot tea, I glanced over at the kitchen window, noticing how pretty the daffodils appeared against the dewy, misted glass. While there are only a handful growing in the garden, the few that open their sunny heads are much appreciated.
Plum blossoms, though short lived are blooming in all their splendour and the flowering quince's days of showing off to the world, are nearly over for this year.
My house is never without pickings from the garden. Nature spirit always needs to be inside.

16 August 2016

Little things that made my day

Sunny daffodils picked on a mild day; one that hints of spring on the horizon.

Macadamia lemon and coconut cheesecake,
Topped with blueberries at the last minute.

.admiring blues. 
used in various artistic expressions
in a corner of our living room

3 August 2016

wednesday afternoon

After a few quiet afternoons of french knots, satin and hem stitches and cups of tea, my french needle keep is complete.