22 December 2014

A Summer Garden

summer is upon us, and the days are hot;
the searing heat of the Australian sun influences how much time we spend outdoors at this time of year and we try to seek shelter wherever possible. We therefore set up a table and chairs beneath our sycamore tree where it is a pleasure to sit and contemplate the peaceful surrounds and watch nature as she goes about her daily business. Various butterflies flit here and there amongst the vegetables and flowers and the local birds pop in for a drink and a splash in the bird bath; maybe nibbling on some scraps tossed out onto the lawn or seeds placed out for them in the bird feeder tray.

It wasn't long ago that my son and I set about making a bird house using old timber, and so it was that we fashioned this handsome addition to the garden . Keen on making another one or two to complement the first, as they lend pronounced artful ornamentation to the garden setting. Whether the birds use it for it's intended purpose remains to be seen.....

Well it is Xmas and this one didn't last to see Xmas day. May need to make another one - after all , what's Xmas without 'vegan' fruit cake? Peace and good tidings to all who share this planet with us. With emphasis on the meek and those without a voice.' Amen to that.