22 December 2014

A Summer Garden

summer is upon us, and the days are hot;
the searing heat of the Australian sun influences how much time we spend outdoors at this time of year and we try to seek shelter wherever possible. We therefore set up a table and chairs beneath our sycamore tree where it is a pleasure to sit and contemplate the peaceful surrounds and watch nature as she goes about her daily business. Various butterflies flit here and there amongst the vegetables and flowers and the local birds pop in for a drink and a splash in the bird bath; maybe nibbling on some scraps tossed out onto the lawn or seeds placed out for them in the bird feeder tray.

It wasn't long ago that my son and I set about making a bird house using old timber, and so it was that we fashioned this handsome addition to the garden . Keen on making another one or two to complement the first, as they lend pronounced artful ornamentation to the garden setting. Whether the birds use it for it's intended purpose remains to be seen.....

Well it is Xmas and this one didn't last to see Xmas day. May need to make another one - after all , what's Xmas without 'vegan' fruit cake? Peace and good tidings to all who share this planet with us. With emphasis on the meek and those without a voice.' Amen to that.

23 October 2014

pure bliss

 i bought these little gems with the few coins left in my purse. pure bliss

2 October 2014

something about the laundry room that appeals to me
i think it's the quiet simplicity save for a few items -
home made washing powder and soap, a peg bag, a wooden brush and crocheted wiper,
an enamel bucket and rubber gloves, wicker work...

maybe it's just the simple honesty of the hard working equipment that contributes to making  this room a favourite in the house

14 September 2014

 fresh and  sweet illustration from a  'livre de la francaise' sits propped up on display at our place. Plum blossoms , freesias, lilys, grape hyacinths, daffodils and jonquils, are all blooming in the garden.They are always a joy to bring inside and place in vases dotted around the house.

 a beautiful dresser from inside the kitchen at Schwerkolt Cottage..... every now and then we take a walk there, and today was Heritage Day at the cottage which in  itself happened to be open, so we were able to at last - enter and inspect. I took a few photos which I may post in future. In particular, a beautiful hand worked and patched hexagonal quilt cover which grabbed my attention, for the sole reason in that I myself am working slowly on one at this point of time. It is a time consuming task that takes patience and perseverance, but really good things take time, and the quilt will be a beautiful heirloom once finished.
If we all crafted our own wares, mending them when necessary, just as they did in times of old, I am sure we would not throw out as much as we do today.  There is a reason for this, and this is because something made with our own hands - that has taken time and skill to achieve, is a real accomplishment and therefore, so much more valuable and personal than anything money can buy.  

2 September 2014

Under southern skies

Today's cumulus clouds as viewed from the backyard. So majestically beautiful. 

Reading 'Quiet - the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking'.  

Thrift shop purchase of fabric and two lovely cushions  as a result to keep my creative desire satisfied. Mending and patching my slip covers adds real charm and character.  And a recent watercolor of pink  blossom and Lily's from the garden. 

hooray for Spring!


27 August 2014

Nearly spring

4 August 2014

Just quietly knitting and crocheting. As you do.

15 July 2014

warm winter nuances

A simple vignette featuring forest lichen, fallen twigs and an old english nature book.

Sweet scented viburnum comes inside at this time of year.  
Such a beautiful dainty little flower; always a pleasure to pick and bring indoors.

Cottage crafts in the form of soft crocheted hearts filled with cloves and dried lavender from the garden.
Greetings from Australia

5 July 2014

Hooked on crochet

 A dish cloth in linen cotton blend yarn and a rag rug measuring approximately 1 x 1m 20

 Crocheting is made all the more enjoyable sitting by a cosy table .....a candle lit humidifier wafting the scents of cloves , cinnamon and orange peel through the air.

17 June 2014

Days are short while the nights grow longer.

The last of the autumn foliage comes inside where it's glorious golden color warms up our living room. I could sit back and stare at the  beauty  of these leaves for hours. Alas, the trees outside are bare now as we head into the grey days of winter. Now it becomes a challenge finding fresh color to bring indoors. In one corner of the  garden a  lonely peach rose blooms and I dare not pick it ; there it  stands sentry  like a beacon glowing in the dark. In other areas of the garden  are camellias , chinese lanterns and a few sunny yellow jonquils, which I chose to make a little posy to bring inside today. These are the days of hibernation. Cosy get together s around the fire, books, various hand crafts, pots of tea,  and,  for a treat sometimes, a big wholesome cake. 

27 May 2014

Our coffee table this evening.