26 January 2011

Quiet reflections on Australia Day

A nice quiet Australia Day here in Melbourne.
Started the day with a good clean up around the house.
What is it, that makes the atmosphere suddenly change
after a good clean? It seems with the dust, goes all the stagnancy,
all the 'invisible' weight that might be accumulating around the home
...either way, as the prime caretaker of the home,
I 'feel' the difference after a good clean.
After all, mother nature knows when a good clean is needed
as her rains and  winds relieve the environment of dust and grime.
And as it does outdoors, so does it feel better indoors too.

The photos show views of the place I call 'home'.
'White Cloud Drift' hangs above the sofa in the lounge room,
while a couple of new op shop finds, sit displayed on my grandfathers 
beautiful hand crafted cabinet. I have a penchant for old sewing memorabilia.....

...spot my sons' 'feet'! :-)

The cushion I fashioned from old pieces of cotton fabric,
adding  detail with pin tucks and free embroidery in abstract designs.
sigh.....what i wouldn't do for a new camera tho'.