13 April 2011

The joy of making hand made paper

My daughter and I , in creative mood, took advantage of a sweet sunny autumn day
fossicked around in the studio for my mould and deckle
in the intention to make hand made paper.
Pulp at the ready, we filled our vat with plenty of water, adding a cup or two
of pulp, with the addition of geranium petals and grass clippings.
Paper then hung on the line while still wet, softly blowing in the breeze,
didn't take long to dry in the warm sun. I love the finished paper's fragile, tactile qualities
- perfect for some japanese book binding and various other decorative projects.
Paper is so versatile, here displayed on my paper mache small table.....

Hope I have inspired you to take up this satisying craft....
it's worth having a go.