30 August 2017

new improvements to the vege patch

head start on Spring this year.
a visit to the local reverse truck site, and we came home with a few bits and pieces to construct some solar pyramids. we have small plants of rhubarb inside one and spinach in the other. 
will be interesting to see how they develop . I entered my hand inside one to compare the temperature to the outside , and it felt somewhat warmer in comparison, so here's hopng the plants will enjoy the humidity.

Our little plot brings us much enjoyment. Growing we have many herbs which we use regularly in our cooking. Amongst them, dill, parsley, lemon balm, mint,  thyme sage and oregano. I think dill is a current favorite as we recently used it to enhance a dish of polish periogis. 

More cooking adventures, and a recent bake. A pear and almond cake.
sans the eggs, dairy and gluten, a really special treat.

28 August 2017

a rescued peg, silver cutlery, and more ramblings.

Today began with overnight oats.....

......followed by a ritual of domestic habit.
Every so often, when the mood strikes, I polish my collection of silver cutlery.
The easiest way to do this is by laying a piece of used foil in a shallow basin after which the offending items are placed. Over this, a cup of boiling water is poured together with 1/2 a cup of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate soda and  1 tablespoon of salt. Within seconds the transformation appears.  

Hope the washing dries today. 
The peg? 
Why is it of any significance?
Attached to it, are memories of where I found it.
That day , I walked 45 minutes, along the shores, in near total isolation. 
The only recent visitors,  revealing their prescense that lay on the path before me, were of the long tailed, bouncing variety. 
  Found laying amongst the mangroves , teaming with subterranean wildlife, , in one of the most beautiful places in the world a defunct blue piece of plastic. A beautiful memory - but sad , yes. 

21 August 2017

wont be long.
 spring is coming, and hopefully an end to this cold, uncomfortable weather.

15 August 2017

this morning.
wheatgrass and apple juice.
not only does wheatgrass look great growing in the kitchen, it's also very easy to grow. the flavour of the juice is acceptable on it's own, but when combined with apple juice, it's better still. 

14 August 2017

walk through the forests of marysville

the forest has recovered so well after the blaze that roared through here years ago. 
seems she loves a good burn.

a reminder of impact the past fires 

12 August 2017

thankyou to nature's crimson

a stroll around the garden this morning, and discovered hidden away at the rear of the old bungalow...

....these delights.
Nature has a way of brightening up the dullest of winter days.

10 August 2017


7.30 am

5 August 2017

flowers all abloom in the middle of winter....

so, after two years of approaching this scarf on and off, i can finally say, mission accomplished. 
after coming across a discarded tapestry project in a thrift shop, i salvaged the left over scraps of thread from a myriad of colors, choosing those that complemented each other well, and discarding the rest. 

cheerful yellow daffs are brightening up the garden beds, so a few come indoors in a makeshift vase of old downpipe.

2 August 2017

came across a couple of photos taken last year, I'm guessing it was spring . 
looking forward to the warmer weather.