18 January 2015

much time on my hands

That's what I have, and I'm thinking it is quite agreeable with me.
The sun was gentle this afternoon, and much to the garden birds disappointment, i went out into the backyard to pick blackberries. They are running rampant down in the back corner of our block, and we intend to keep it this way. As yet we have had no complaints from the neighbours about possible escapees encroaching in their yards, so, we'll let this thorny specimen have it's way for now. The harvest is going to be colossal this year, and I made the first picking s today, although I have to admit, attaining the precious gems was no easy feat. Armed with gloves and secateurs I felt like a jungle explorer, as I slashed and trimmed my way through the bushes; precariously picking the jewel like fruits as I went. Each of us sat down later for a dish of blackberries and cashew cream, and all were satisfied.

12 January 2015

we have plans to visit the seaside by train  some time soon over the summer holidays. williamstown is one of our favorite places to visit  .....in the mean time, some paintings and picture books will keep us satisfied while we look forward to the journey.