28 February 2013

My first marlinespike mat

I think I mentioned before the wonderful book I bought titled 'The Marlinespike Sailor'.
Well, I received my order of manila rope just recently - a good 30 metres of which I needed for this project.
Having readied myself with some smaller practice knots , I felt I was ready for a more difficult piece.

I'm happy with it, but a feel the rat tailing at the very perimeter could have been a bit tidier. Still this was my first shot, so am allowing myself a litttle error.... in the spirit of wabi sabi - beauty in imperfection.

21 February 2013

As you may have guessed, I have a penchant for all things nautical.
When the family and I visited Polly Woodside here in Melbourne  just recently, I discovered a book at their shop that I thought would make a fine addition to our  library. 
'The Marlinespike Sailor' as it is called, is written and illustrated by the very talented  Harvey Garrett Smith who is undoubtedly an expert in his field. Certainly has inspired me to delve a little into the art of knotting. 
There is a wealth of practical projects in the book, one of which is pictured here, that being the monkey's fist. I thought it would  make good first practice, so I conjured up a door stop and some knobs for my son's chest of drawers. 

During the hot summer months here in Australia, I like to dot our found flotsam and jetsam around the house.....if only to bring a wisp of fresh sea air into the home. The collector plate on the top shelf is one that belonged to my mother and honors the centenary celebrations of Captain James Cooks discovery of Australia. 

A postcard of the Polly Woodside on my memory board, reminds me of our visit.

You can see more of my snapshots of the Polly Woodside here on Flicker photos

See ya.