4 September 2007

Just had to share these images from
Brunos Art and Sculpture Gallery
in Marysville, Victoria.
Bruno is a quite a character.
He is always there to greet each
and everyone of his guests
as they walk through the door.
His world is one of childlike fantasy
and his gardens are something to behold.
As our family don't own a car,
we enjoy rare outings such as these.
Not far out of Marysville, forests of tall
Mountain Ash are just waiting to be explored
and experiences like this nurture and revive the spirit.
We were last here two years ago.
My children, both very artistic, revel in
these outings and once home,
collected some clay from near our home and
made some creatures of their own!

You can see more of Brunos work
at his website listed under my links.


nonizamboni said...

A lovely site! Your post on soap making is a delight and the photos are too. Thanks for sharing.

Angela Louise said...

What a magical,incredible place Andrea. I saw something on TV onetime about Bruno and it blew me away. It's almost too hard to believe that someone could make with their own hands something so artistic as his sculptures....and in such a perfect setting...what an achievement! It is always good to get out and show the kids all manner of things to help them on their own creative journey.
Snakes....we sure have our share. Fortunately they aren't usually the very nasty ones. We tend to get a lot of treesnakes, whipsnakes and carpetsnakes. We've also had the occassional redbelly black but they are usually juveniles right at the end of Autumn...I'm not sure where their mothers are!!! The carpet snakes are here because of all the frogs,wild animals and chooks I expect. They are often rather large...the largest measuring about 7 feet.We try to relocate some when they have polished off a few too many chooks but they have an uncanny knack for finding their way back.I have a giant buddleia plant that is very twiggy,dense and alive with birds. This is one of the carpet snakes favourite haunts and sometimes it looks like a scene from jungle book
when the snake is "sleeping off' its last meal. We found one with about 5 coils as thick as my arm piled up on top of each other and in one of the coils a very big lump about the size of a chook, I dare say! It isn't uncommon on a summer's day to see two different snakes in a matter of a few minutes. I think the worst time though is autumn when they start sunning themselves on the brick paths around the house...we always have a snake bandage on hand. I used to be petrified of snakes but since living with them I've realized that they are just going about their business and aren't out to get me.
Well, I have so many snake stories I could tell but I think I've taken up too much space already.
A brilliant day to you,
I hope I don't give you nightmares!