30 August 2007

I promised to show some soap making books
from my vast collection of books in general so here they are!
I have more but these are what I
regard as my favorites.
'Crafting Soap at Home' by Mike Hulbert
'handmade soap' by Tatyana Hill and
'Aromatherapy Soapmaking' by Elizabeth Wright .
The first two feature beautiful and inspiring photographs
with a bounty of wonderful recipes while the latter
is a more practical book, simply explained and easy to read.
All three give great advice and safety tips and are
enough to get you in the mood to start creating!
Most people are keen to make soap but once they
are aware of the procedures involved they
back off from taking the challenge.
As for myself, the challenge is half the fun,
and when you see the fruits of your labour
it's something you can be proud of.


She Who Flies said...

Thanks for your comment and question regarding my post about Averbuy. It's one of the largest prehistoric stone circles in Europe. The energy there is amazing and "transports" you in a very powerful yet gentle way. I have no experience of drugs but I believe the adjective "stoned" describes what I feel around such stones :-) You'll find more photos and detailed info here if you want http://www.avebury-web.co.uk/

Happy soap making!

Angela Louise said...

The books are enough to inspire anyone Andrea. Thanks for the great photos of them.I will have to keep an eye out for them.
I hope all is well down your way.
See ya, Angela.