22 August 2007

A plate of turmeric and rolled oats... how interesting
I hear you say! Well ,they are, when added to my home made
soap, and today I thought I would share with you this favourite
past-time of mine!
I've been making hand-made soap for the family for
the past 7 years. As I'm vegetarian, my soap doesn't
contain animal products and they are based entirely on vegetable oils.
The soap I made on this day contained rolled oats, olive and coconut oil,
hemp seed oil and the essential oils of
Lemongrass and Orange.
Soapmaking can be hazardous though I warn you,
due to the use of caustic soda.
But with a good book and the right equipment,
it is a very satisfying hobby. I used to sell soap at the local market
and many people remarked on how gentle and luxurious they felt on the
skin - in particular those with sensitive and troubled skin-
that's a great compliment.

The batch just poured into the mould.
A teaspoon of Turmeric added for color and a marbled effect.....

....and the final bars of soap.
These will take another six weeks to cure before
they will be safe to use.
So there you have it -
handmade Lemongrass and Orange Vegetable Oil Soap
-a la Andrea!


She Who Flies said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your soap-making past-time. One of the things I treat myself to very regularly is hand-made soap. I'm mostly vegetarian and avoid chemically-based skincare products etc. at all cost. I can't live without a luscious bar of fragrant hand-made soap!

Angela Louise said...

Now that's one thing that is on my list that I have always wanted to have a go at...SOAPMAKING! I would love to have your recipe Andrea. After 7 years you must have discovered all the secrets.Your soap looks soooo good. Being into science and having worked in a laboratory (as does my husband) I'm not quite sure what's holding me back! Just a good push and a few pointers from someone who can ,obviously, make beautiful soap is probably all I need.
I can just smell their beautiful scents from here!
Have a good day,

andrea said...

Hallelujah! Another vegetarian on this planet earth. I don't know what the situation is in Britain, but here in Melbourne, vegetarians are hard to come by, especially in the eastern suburbs. It concerns me, because people really have to start thinking about their lifestyle habits these days, and the impact that might have on the environment. Thanks for the feedback!

andrea said...

Hiya Angela Louise! As the soap making process is rather involved, I wouldn't take the responsibility of publishing one on the net due to safety reasons but I will post some pics of my favourite soap making books. Adios friend.Glad you enjoyed the post.