30 July 2007

Some more views of the drawing desk to show
you today.
I like this desk as it's surface area is roomy
enough to hold all my materials
and it is very sturdy and well built.
This is actually an old Australian Post Office desk and
it shows some evidence of it once having shelves
which we didn't acquire. The shelves on top
are actually made of cheap wood which I then
painted and stained to match the desk.
I'm very much a do-it-yourself type person.

Another unfinished journal entry
for the month of August.
When I paint from nature I paint what I see
and that includes all the flaws
ie; parts eaten away by insects, broken parts, diseases...
all very real and not to be hidden away.
I did however manipulate this study
and added a lower leaf to give stability
to the composition.

A sample of the beautiful
'Eucalyptus leucoxylon 'Rosea'.
Such an exquisite little flower
how could any artist resist capturing it
in some form or other.


Angela Louise said...

Your botanicals look so real. What a great artist you are. I tend to always paint the plants with their flaws ( or is it character?) as well. Nothing annoys me more than "perfect" plants in paintings...especially natives that seem to always have something at them, be it fungi or insects.
It is nice to have furniture that has a history and that it is being put to good use instead of being discarded. I was lucky enough to get hold of an old handmade toolchest that a fellow had made in 1945 when he worked at the Toowoomba foundry.It's a double one and so it stands about 1.2 m high. It was absolutely covered in grease but because it had only ever been shellaced I could just rub it down with metho and it came up nicely. I think it will always have a slight greasy smell though. I lined the drawers with brown paper after I wiped lavender oil all over them. I now use it to store all my bits and pieces for my art.It has 16 various sized drawers in total...just the shot for bits.
Hope the winter is being kind to you,

Angela Louise said...

Hi again, I actually just this minute put up another post as I'm in a bit of a blogging mood but I will show you a picture next time,

She Who Flies said...

Your nature journal is stunning in its simplicity yet great attention to detail. I'm in total admiration of it.

andrea said...

Thankyou very much for your appreciation. It's nice to see that some people out there actually do see the value in art.