6 December 2010

Christmas is a wonderful time for children especially.
Here's a line drawing that my youngest has pasted proudly 
on our front window.....
I rather like the detail.

The garden is flourishing at the moment, and I especially love white flowers
indoors, but these one's I must confess make me sneeze a bit.

We've been making hand made stars from clay,
to give to little friends.....

And finally some photos taken outside......
these will inspire my next painting.
There's nothing I like more than a good summer storm,
and we've had no shortage of them the past month.
Infact , we've had the heaviest rain since records started 
early last century......no doubt climate change is partly to blame.
And as the human race continue to live without a concern for
their offsprings', and their offsprings' future,
things will only get worse......not being pessimistic but realistic.
Still , these alto - cumulus clouds reaching for the heavens
just blow me a way, and I love a thunder storm such as this.
One loud and wild enough to tell us 
- who's boss.

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