27 November 2010

Old suitcases and other stories

A rainy day indoors today, but for a short walk around
the corner to the nearest polling station to vote in the state election.
Camille and I made a few christmas stars today using clay, white paint 
and silver glitter . I may post some photos when they are finished and dry.
But for now, I wanted to show you some areas around my home,
I've had this cupboard for 15 years or so, simply painted in a watered down white
paint. I love collecting old suitcases. They are invaluable for storage 
and look good. Occasionally they need a bit of a lift with a lick
of paint such as this one here.
My hand-knitting is salvaged from old towels that they once
adorned and serve as decoration until they find use again.
And just little things , like old crystal buttons and embroidery scissors
found on ebay , make me smile. Simple joys that gladden the heart.

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