12 November 2010

Pottering about indoors.......

Well, I've just come home after a spell of shopping.
My eldest son is suffering terribly from hayfever at the moment 
and top of the list of necessities to buy this morning was hay fever medication.
I too,  am staying indoors until the wind has settled down
in anticipation of the rains that should come tomorrow to give
us all some relief. 
As well as painting and working up to my next exhibition
at Burrinja Art Gallery next year, I like to busy myself with 
vintage paper crafts. They look really beautiful
dotted around the house amongst pristine white roses from
my garden. These little details are important
in giving a home a lived in, loving atmosphere. 
Here's the story behind the blouse a friend of mine gave me that she found
in a charity shop - she was displeased with the bulkiness of the fit.
 So I deconstructed it, and sewed it up into a simple summer top
with vintage lace detailing around the collar and sleeves.
I'll ask her if she wants the blouse back now.


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