2 February 2017

keeping my place serene, away from the eyes of instagram.

My home is not a source of advertising material. It is sacred to me however. I find it sad that people resort to instagram for this purpose. But that is beside the point of what I want to share today.

It was a fine day. Sun is shining and it isn't too hot, topping a mild 26 degrees this afternoon. Perfect weather. 
This morning I planned a trip to the shopping centre to buy an enamel loaf pan in preparation to bake a Vegan Blueberry Loaf for the family to enjoy. The cake worked a treat, and I found the enamleware to be more consistent in it's heat distribution than the old tin pan I was using previously - the crust having baked to perfection rather than starting overcook before other areas of the cake. 
So, it was a pleasant afternoon, and as always the westerly light that shines in to the living areas in the afternoon make the house quite picturesque at this time of the year.

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