7 May 2017

Completed at last. After unsuccessfully hunting around for some ready made beaded fringe of the  white variety, I eventually decided, I would make it myself. A store specializing in beads and trims on the second floor of the The Nicholson Building in the cbd was a great spot to purchase all the required notions, and I completed two fringes for both light shades at a reasonable cost. It turned out to be a fun exercise, and I was able to recycle some of the original antique beads in the new fringe. 
These two art deco lamp shades were gifted from a friend, and I have always appreciated them,  but the original shades, being orange, were not to my taste. I was able to remove the orange paint covering one shade, but curiously, the other shade was genuine orange tinted glass! Sigh. After finding a white replacement for it, along came the task of finishing both with coordinating beaded fringe, and that's the end of the story. They look great now. So elegant.

So, while I was photographing my lamp shade this morning, some other pieces of handiwork wanted to jump in to the picture too.

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