9 January 2009

Summer and the living is easy....

Now that the silly season is over,
it's time to lay back and take it easy , for my family
and I. We had a busy Xmas, given that
the annual family xmas get-together,
was held at our place. Lots of organizing and
cleaning up to do before the
company arrived -
a notable event this year in particular
as my relatives from Holland had come to spend
xmas with us. A European man's view of our great land,
is interesting indeed,
and on entering our house they informed me that
only the rich can afford to
live as we do here in Australia...
with our large houses on large blocks of land.
Me thinks , that sometimes we forget how fortunate we
are to live in such a prosperous and lucky country.
And I am forever thankful that my father was of the
adventurous spirit , otherwise I couldn't call this great
country 'home'.

I've just recently acquired a fine piece of early australian furniture-
from my grandfather (possibly crafted by himself)
who has moved to a retirement home
having just turned 100! I am in awe of his staying power -
having survived the 2nd World War,
and living with a health condition as a result,
he is truly remarkable. These photos depict a still life
on top of the cabinet featuring
native flowers, an old model ship ,
and a book I have been reading -
Captain Cooks
Journal on board the Endeavor -
a fascinating read.
I still think I was born two centuries too late ,tee hee,
as I would have been in my element
recording and observing the native wildlife and fauna
just as Banks and Parkinson did in the 1700's.
Whether you're in Australia in heat of the summer
or somewhere else in the world, take it easy,
and dare I say it...
Happy New Year.

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