7 May 2010

cardboard furniture

What can you do with cardboard that would otherwise be thrown into
into the scrap heap?
With a bit of imagination, ingenuity and a will to succeed, you can create 
just about anything if you put your mind to it.
Here, the basic frame made from cardboard, that will be
paper mached over and then decorated with paint.

The second stage nearing completion.
The floral details stand out in relief and have been individually cut
from cardboard, as was the frame around them.
I decided the lower shelf looked flimsy and needed more layers of cardboard
to strengthen it.

The completed table.
Surprisingly very strong. As it has no joints as does conventional furniture,
it is less likely to fall apart.
The verse reads -

'As sure as the sun rises in the morn',
Breathing life into every living thing,
So the wise artist doth know that,
The core of creation lies within.'

My cat however, has other ideas for  using  my paper mache furniture.
It's very comical, that without fail ,whenever I place out my work to dry in the sun,
she sits herself on top ,
thinking I have provided her a self-grooming platform.

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Floss said...

That's incredibly creative - I really like the Gothic style.

Thanks for your point on my blog about the 'Green' swap. I certainly take your point about airmail being a very significant negative factor in the 'greeness' of the swap. I think that, for me, it would be hypocritical not to enter THIS swap for that reason, when I have done a few other 'non-green' ones internationally. But I note with interest that a great number of people have asked to post within their own country, so I think that your point is being taken up. Well worth remembering.