17 August 2010

Prelude to Spring

The endless rain here has finally
ceased and I've just come in from the garden
after hanging out my 'whites' on the line. The routine
of hanging out washing to dry is made very pleasurable
when the weather is as sweet as this.
Beautiful pink blooms in my garden are
 calling out for attention now. 
They smell wonderful - fresh , sweet and slightly
zesty. I love to bring flowers indoors as their presence in the
house is vibrant and uplifting. Nothing can surpass mother nature's
creativity and you know we all look to her for inspiration, especially we artists.

When I arrange my flowers I am inclined towards the japanese
wabi-sabi aesthetic..beauty in simplicity and imperfection.
I prefer to arrange off-centre and sparsely so that 
the arrangement 'breathes'. As a result
each individual flower or stem
is high-lighted and thus appreciated in it's own right.
This old preserving jar displays the flowers of
Japanese Quince, Plum Blossom and Camellia.


But also , the art of crochet and knitting is very in keeping
with the 'wabi-sabi' philosophy
in that it is  a form of meditation. I find it a great way to relax
as the consistent clicking of the needles with each stitch
is re-assuring and comforting.


 This example of a crocheted cushion cover worked in 
'Shawn The Sheep' pure wool in cream,
worked in a series of double trebles and bobbles
to create the flower motif in the centre.


...and now I'm off to enjoy some fresh air and sunlight outside,
as does my washing!

See you next time....

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