8 June 2011

I've caught the knitting bug.....

I admit, I've had the knitting bug of late...it must be that time of year.
I find nothing more pleasant than cosying up on the lounge, with the heater
going while hearing my needles clicking away. I finished my scarf in soft grey mohair,
worked in feather and fan pattern, and also this cardigan that was once a jumper.
Made of the softest lambswool, it is so warm but light to wear. But I don't like
jumpers...I find them restrictive. And it would be a shame to see this one go. So,
I cut the jumper in half at the front to where it meets the buttons, and applied a lace trim
to cover the edges, repeating this on the cuffs also. Once a rarely worn item,
is now worn almost everyday, and is one of my favorites. Doesn't hurt to think beyond
the obvious, imagine and re-invent. Keys to successful recycling.
I so like hand knitted garments. They are so opposite of what can easily bought
made  by some impersonal machine. A hand knit garment, is one made out of love and care
- you can almost smell it . A properly made garment , made of the best quality wools
will last a life time so, although it may take some time to knit, it is time worth spending.

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