8 October 2011

Whale spotting on the Mornington Peninsula

School hols at the moment, so, we all went for a hike with our cousins
along the Mornington Peninsula from  Cape Schanck Lighthouse  to Elephant Rock - 
a two and a half hour walk return.  
I had learn't that it is migrating season for the whales at this time of the year ,
but I wasn't expecting to see any . ...that is until our little observant cousin, 
to my children, spotted a mother whale and her calf in the cove below, 
swimming alongside each other, the signature water spout observed every 
so often on close observation.  This was undoubtedly the highlight of our day.  
Our guess is that is was a humpback, but we can't be sure. 
What an incredible day, and so fortunate to see a whale and her calf , swimming playfully without a care, 
 in the deep blue waters of the Bass Strait. 


DANIEL said...

they look like southern right whales to me, much rarer than humpbacks, but slowly making comeback.

andrea said...

too difficult to say what species they were, but if your guess was correct, that would be good news indeed Daniel. Thanks for your comment.