12 March 2016

Just a catch up on my neglected blog today. 

Have been busy, soap making for my little etsy shop, savonasoaps. Sewing aprons, making and drawing, as is typical of me. Our family spent a wonderful week in isolation down near Wilson's Promontory, where I took the opportunity to take lots of photographs with my new Nikon. Above is a drawing of a pacific gull that i rendered shortly after our visit. I named him, Wiskee, after the beautiful Whisky Bay, where we first made our acquaintance.

Needless to say, it is such a shock to return to the suburbs, as I, being so sensitive visually, notice the difference in light and how the less -than- clean air effects the colours and tones of the environment .

Nevertheless  it's back to suburbia as always, and one gets used to the flaws once again.
Some indoor moments captured of
  'home sweet home'.....

If you would like to see more my photos of the beautiful WIlsons Prom, you can check out my photos 

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