29 July 2008

'An artists residence in the middle of winter.'

Boy it was cold this morning.
On getting out of bed, I proceeded to
the kitchen to make a hot cuppa for hubby and I,
and catching a glimpse of the thermometer attached
to the window, surprised at the reading of
3 degrees celcius.
Outdoors , everything covered in a fine layer
of frost, and inside, just as cold.
Quickly continue on with the task of getting the
hot drinks made....
and then RUSH to the heater in the loungeroom -
the warmest place in the house.
Well I posted these recent pics of our lounge/
dining area because as I said,
it IS the warmest place in this old house.
Various artworks about -
a black and white photocopy of' 'The Home' magazine cover
originally designed by Australian artist Thea Proctor
gets a colorised makeover by 'moi'. (another commission)
Op shop finds-
the candelabra on the dining table
originally covered in tacky gold paint and removed hastily!
A vintage bedspread hanging over
the dining room entrance does a great job of
keeping out draughts.
More op shop finds coming soon.
I feel another hot tea beckoning.....


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KT said...

I stumbled upon your blog by accident doing a search for wattle photos (we are planting a new bed with them in our garden). I really enjoyed the photos of your home and your illustrations, (I have a love of Australian flora and fauna too) and your creative projects. I've now added a blog list to my own page (-8 You might be interested in checking out my page too, http://goingtoseed.blogspot.com Best regards, Katie.