13 October 2008

Blue and White is a delight!

A wee family hand-down.
'The Blue Book' sits on my dresser
happily conversing with others items
of the 'blue and white'

That's why I blog...primarily.
I like to indulge in the pleasure of taking picturesque
shots from around the home. Especially when one has a beautiful
antique dinner setting such as this one-
offered to me by my mother-in-law when previously turned
down by all other members of her family -
because it's too

As you can see, the makers mark as being
'Warwicks of Scotland' established in the 1800's.
A close look at the dinnerware will delight the viewer
with romantic landscapes featuring castles, old ships
and flora running the rim of the plates.
Exquisite artistry all round, and to be admired and revered
for it's artistic merit...
not because it happens to be unfashionable at this point in time.

The above plate has the makers mark 'Old Foley'
on the reverse. Made in England.
I like to serve scones or sweet things on these when
visitors arrive.
And yes, I do use this setting on occasions-
I would be mad not to! Although with two
young children, everyday use would be unpractical.
Special occasions only!


Angela Louise said...

HELLO ANDREA!!!! So nice to find you on my blog this morning. I was only just thinking of you the other day. Not smart enough to actually look up your blog. I think that I thought that you had stopped posting on this one. Anyhow, I have been having a lovely read of everything that you have been up to. LOVE the memory books that you made -SO special!
AND, the lace knitting, well I love the pureness of it. If you know what I mean. It looks fabulous in the cane basket.
Now, the plant that you were wondering about is Centranthus ruber. It's a form of garden velarian but not the herbal one that they use as a relaxant. Rumour has it that you can eat the roots stems and leaves but I have never tried it.....bit scared to try strange things unless I know for sure that I won't drop dead when I try it!!! It does howerver make a pretty garden plant and I also have a lighter one and a white one.
I must agree that blue and white are delightful together. That little book is so special as is the crockery. I always feel like the maker's name on the back of the old plates is such a waste where it is as I think that it looks so good that it should be somewhere on the front or perhaps copied onto a cushion or something. Hey, that's just me!
Anyhow, I have waffled on enough, so have a beautiful spring day, angela.

andrea v said...

Ha ha. Hi there. Yes, I have been following your blog occasionally , as I always like to pop in. Thanks for that info. I might look it up on the net now. It's astonishing to know that there are so many weeds that many are unaware of , and can be eaten. But don't worry, I won't be trying this one. I'm not familiar enough with it.
Have a good day.