7 April 2009

The colors of autumn

What a glorious time of the year it is here in Melbourne during
the months of March to May.
It's not too cold and the climate is winding down in response
to the hot, unforgiving summer months. You can almost hear
the living environment around you breathing a sigh of relief.
That's what I like about autumn.
Time to go hunting in thrift shops.
I've also had the pleasure of finding some little
treasures hidden amongst all the piles of discarded items.
I was lucky enough to discover some beautiful table linen,
one cloth being meticulously hand-embroidered and crocheted,
the other machine made but still beautiful....
featuring floral patterns, I bought these for pennies.
Along with the Royal Albert china tea cup-
a real treat to sip and earl grey during a busy morning.
And crabapples.....one day I'll make something from them,
for now they look very decorative on my dresser.
Bye for now.

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